Regular Combo 1


✅ 2 Fingers of Plantain
✅ or 3 Sliced Yam
✅ Pomo Sauce

All combos comes with choice of ” Ugba, Chopped Onion, Utazi and Sliced Tomatoes

Enjoy Your Meal


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Pomo sauce with plantains.

If you like good and tasty food, you’re going to love this pomo sauce and plantain dish. The combination of red peppers adds some lovely aromas to the dish, making it a meal worth remembering. The pomo is heavenly with plantain, roasted yam or boiled plantain.

Tuck in and enjoy.


Medium pomo (cow skin)
Medium fresh tomatoes
Medium fresh peppers (rodo)

Cooking Groundnut oil

Seasoning/salt to taste


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